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Principal's Message

July 2014

Dear Families of John Dibert Community School at Wheatley,

It is truly my pleasure to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you as we begin the 2014-2015  school year at John Dibert Community School at Wheatley. To those students and families who are new to Dibert at Wheatley we extend an especially warm welcome and best wishes for an exciting and productive year in your new school. We hope that you will quickly feel at home and become involved in the activities of our school community.  

As I begin my 5th year as the school leader of Dibert at Wheatley, I will continue to work diligently with parents, guardians, faculty and community members to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning environment characterized by child centered instruction and decisions, academic excellence, trust, respect, community involvement, excellent communications, and recognition of both student and staff achievement. I am committed to working in collaboration with you to continue to develop and implement this shared vision. Working together as a team will ensure our success.  We have so much to be proud of as a staff, family, and community.

Respectfully yours, 

Diana Archuleta

School Director, John Dibert Community School at Phillis Wheatley


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